Whatsapp New Feature Download Deleted Files

new update to whatsapp

whatsapp new feature download deleted files

Some new features are added to your messaging app in WhatsApp, these new features will make the user’s life easier now, it was with many users that they deleted their files by mistake after sending the files. And there was no way to recover those deleted files but now in new updated whatsapp users can recover their deleted files

Whatsapp features
whatsapp new feature download deleted files

Moreover, this feature was partially accessible before as well. The Files which were not downloaded were available for about 30 days and when the receiver downloaded the files, the file was deleted from server.

But now after this new update, there will be a change in the way Whatsapp works. So far the files were deleted from the server after downloading. Now whatsapp will not delete these files. Users will be able to download them again even after deleting files because they will be available on the server.

However, this feature is currently available only for Android users not for IOS users. IOS users will have to wait for this new update.

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